November 26, 2014

Twisted Wonderland, Part XX: Brutal Aftermath and Bittersweet Farewell

    Vendetta had a hell of a time with Hatter and their victim, she never heaving meant to take over. But nobody, nobody, would be allowed to even think of hurting Jervis or Hatter. If anyone wanted to, they'd have to go through her first- this struck her as odd. Normally, mortals were of little concern to her. This one- no, these two, she corrected herself- were something truly special. 

    She watched him re-appear, knowing all the while, his eyes were on her. He was rather the gentleman, even deep in the madness. She had been rather surprised, when she apologized, to find him amused, not furious. Odd, she thought. His hair takes on a red sheen as Hatter. Vividly so. She didn't care enough to ask what changed, but listened to him address her. ”—Are you kidding me? I was tickled when you decided to get involved in his demise, not many fancy a good torture session.” 

    "Hatsy, darling- do I seem like someone who would shy away from a little blood and torture? Now, now. My feelings are hurt." She made another mock-pouty face, then shock and emotional pain hit.

    A tear slid down her face- she recalled, in lucid detail, the things that- thing- would have done to them. It made her sick. If she was not here, and even one mistake had been made... She hadn't noticed him revert back to Jervis- having proven her wrong. All he had seen, was a woman standing before him, in distress. All she noted was the concern in his voice, him moving near. ”— Vendetta, are you alright? I do hope it wasn’t anything I said? ...Please have a seat, would you care for some tea?” 

    "Yes, tea to steady the nerves, calm the emotions. Perhaps that is best, thank you. I'm not fine, I just... Had a memory come to mind..." Vendetta wasn't sure, how much Jervis knew about the Hatter, and his doings. Of events recently transpiring. She let him guide her back, sit her down, pour her tea. Vendetta was trembling lightly. Best not to speak until he spoke first.

    Hatter would have smirked inside, though the look wouldn't have appeared as much more than a grey sheen to his irises... Attentions were set solely on the Lady; the last hour or so had been black, as if all he had seen had been censored. He didn't mind, not particularly wishing to know what the Hatter did on his time; he did like this new world he had emerged into, and in some cases thought it so much more Mad than Wonderland, on a more in-depth level. 

    "Yes, some tea to steady the nerves, calm the emotions. Perhaps that is best, thank you." Even while she spoke, he was already pouring out a cup of tea, only stopping to politely help her into her chair properly like the troubled gentleman he was. "--I'm not fine, I just... Had a memory come to mind..." 

    "-I see, is it anything you'd like to talk about? I've learned sometimes speaking on what you feel, helps mend whatever pain nags the heart?" At least it helped when his therapist talked to him about things of that nature. Helping himself to more tea, he would slowly sip its edge, quietly waiting her words if she wanted to share them with him... Vendetta sipped at it a couple times, to steady her nerves. She noted the grey tint, and realized she was right. There has been two souls in one form. Likely only Hatter knew everything- Jervis equally likely didn't. She had looked down into the cup, when he asked- every bit of him screamed concern. 

    "Is that something a therapist told you? Perhaps in a vain effort... To keep themselves alive?" Vendetta laughed softly, shaking a bit once more. It took a re-pour, before she would allowed herself to speak once more.

    "I met your counterpart, for lacking better word. We got to know each other better... Took a turn out and about without Chesh. Happening upon someone, enmeshed in spirits, we... made a choice, and had a nice time. I had taken over after awhile, given things got... messy. There was a moment... I put and end to. In the most nightmarish way." 

    She sipped her tea once more, and soon had relaxed. In a quieter voice, Vendetta went on. "I cannot- will not- tolerate anyone even thinking of hurting either of you. It simply won't do."

    Quite the opposite, Jervis LOVED to talk just as much as the Hatter did, consider it something of the past, years ago no one listened. 'Poor Jervis, might as well have been invisible!' he wailed silently, appearance glum for but a moment before he perked up. But with his new invention, people HAD to listen whether they wanted to or not, because they didn't have a choice. The thought was priceless and made him smile something wicked, a promise perhaps, never to be weak and docile, at least he could have the Hatter to thank for that. 

    A break in the concern would have resulted in humor, a laugh when Vendetta spoke,
"--Is that something a therapist told you? Perhaps in a vain effort... To keep themselves alive?" "--It might have been, but it is something I do happen to agree with..." he explained, finishing off the cookie he had been nibbling on to enjoy a sip of tea "-It certainly doesn't hurt to get it all out in the open, keep things for too long inside and you end up with a 'Dark Passenger' like mine" Not that he had any personal qualms about it. 

    Before long, his prying would have paid off, and she would respond, explaining herself, while he casually dusted a bit of crumbs off his lap, "--I met your counterpart, lacking better word. We got to know each other better... Took a turn out and about without Chesh..." It all seemed rightly normal, even downright stranger... and then it came, just as he suspected, "--Happening upon a human, enmeshed in spirits, we... made a choice, and had a nice time." Nodding his head gently, taking it all into consideration like it was a business proposal, he continued listening.

    "--I had taken over after awhile, given things got... messy. There was a moment... I put and end to. In the most nightmarish way. I cannot- will not- tolerate anyone even thinking of hurting either of you. It simply won't do." Jervis finally smiled at this, reaching out to place his hand atop her own adoringly, "-My sentiments exactly, and I'd like to think they are 'his' sentiments as well towards you..." 

    A pause and he'd continue "-No... they are. Even with all your your gifts- we wouldn't let anything happen to you. And while I don't usually partake in such brutalities, I'm more then content it was done to such a savage piece of trash. So...thank you for that." Glancing around, he nodded in quiet admiration, "-You did a hell of a job cleaning up, I didn't suspect a thing...much better then he usually does" and when this was done, he would flit his gaze back towards her, "-Then are you okay?"

   Filled with secrets, that's what he was- and what he had always been from the very start. None had known, what unscrupulous deeds he commited in the hours after nightfall in his youth. Now being of that dark world, he was even more a mystery. Part of him exposed for all- at least those who chose to see, to believe that he existed beyond any usual means. The other part of him, hidden, the answers to his birth, destruction, what made him tick, what gave him purpose. Even his past life nearly a forgotten memory, something he stopped hanging on to ages before, lost amidst the sands of time.

    Vendetta was not one of many words sometimes. Right now was one of those times. She merely listened- his laughter, the things he said. Words had deserted her. He interjected as she told her tale, then ended on an interesting note of finality. "I will be. I understand you don't like it, but... It does seem to help. Only take those who deserve it, and/or who won't be missed." 

    She sipped her tea, silent once more. Her words sounded hollow, she didn't seem okay. She was still shaking... As he reached for a cookie, she noted it was a favorite of hers. She did realize she hadn't slept in some time, though. With a soft yawn, she sleepily murmured "I best get some rest.. Too many days awake, it does things after a time.. I hope you'll excuse me.." 

    Vendetta begun to tidy; she always believing a place should be left in better shape than how she found it. Dishes were gathered and washed, treats wrapped up, tea poured out carefully. Soon, it was in very good shape. With a small curtsy, she turned to make the difficult journey home. Daybreak was upon them- and she questioned whether she could make it or not. Still, she had intruded long enough upon Jervis' kindness. Time enough to disappear.

    Wetting his lips, he settled back against his chair, legs crossed at the ankle, more out of strange habit then anything else, while the lovely woman beside him piped up in expression, "I best get some rest.. Too many days awake, it does things after a time.. I hope you'll excuse me.." The sudden thought was random, but he didn't mind. Nearly forgetting the time, losing himself with her... such a queer thought, he too probably needed rest- unless he preferred to fall deeper down into the rabbit hole. 

    Even before he could begin cleaning, she would tidy, adding to the Hatter's amusement, helping her finish whatever was left. It would not have been long before she surrendered her final farewell for the time, then departed, leaving him alone in the attraction. "--Until next time, mon amour," he cooed, wiggling his slender digits into a wave, before deciding to crash at the park for the evening... 'Until next time'- he could hardly wait... 

Twisted Wonderland, Part XIX: Showtime At the House Of Hatter

    It didn't take long before they returned to the Funhouse. Sliding the table to one side, leaving a chair in the center and tying the man to it... Harrer realized he was unaware of how long the Lady could hold her shadowy bondage before it became taxing. Better to move quickly.

    "-Game time" he chimed, snagging the 10/6 circuit board card off of the man's Hat- with it, the man appeared cognitive, and terribly confused. Even beyond the fog of alcohol, he could see something was wrong. Due to the bonds he could not hope to speak; not that anything he had to say was worth hearing. They all appeared to be words of the vulgar variety. And if the unnaturally pale Lady and strange Hatted man weren't enough... the man would react in pure terror at the sight of a full grown Tiger lying but a few feet away. 

    Wetting his lips, Jervis moved to a small block in the corner that appeared a simple alcove. Pressing a small button, a panel would unfold- and from it appeared a box of glittering tools, like surgical instruments. Instruments of torture, in this context. Before he began to decide on which to use first, he calmly removed his brown leather jacket, and rolled up the sleeves of his white cotton undershirt, as if worried he might get it dirty. 

    "-I suppose you're wondering why you've been brought here? There's no need to speak, you need only listen..." He drolled, voice monotone while he admired each tool, finally selecting on one with a flat tip that fattened out towards the peak before flattening back out to the grip. Turning on heel, he smiled, advancing toward the man who struggled helplessly. "-You abuse women, get some kind of sick hard-on for beating them... I and my Lady do not approve of this behavior; so we've decided... why not make you feel what all your victims have felt? Poetic Justice if you happen to ask me." 

    Kneeling down beside the man, appearing as if he might propose... he smiled once more something calm, but terribly sinister... "-It's been awhile since I've tortured someone, so please... scream if I am doing this right." And then shoved that flattened tip under the first fingernail, pushing upwards, while the man fought to release a scream. "-Nothing? How about this..." Continuing further and further- until finally the nail split open, dangling by a thread of skin... "-Oh dear, I've broken you..." Did this hatted gentleman, his tormentor, have any sentiments? The man thought so until "-Let's continue, nine more piggies left to go..." And his eyes widened once more in pure terror, while the Hatter continued his assault on the poor man's fingers...

    As The Hatter pulled out the instruments of fun, Vendetta took a cursory glance. Cold, unforgiving, metal- she approved. She made sure to keep him in line. She smiled, sadistic at his sentiments. As she watched him work his tools under the man's nail, and enjoyed the screaming, Vendetta simply procured a wine glass full of blood. A hand idly went to petting Cheshire, she content to sit and watch- the hatred in his eyes, focused on her, not him... she smiled. Soft, silken to the Hatter- harsh, abrasive to their victim. It gave him pause.

    "You should be so lucky. If I deigned to get my hands on you, it'd be much worse. Hell hath no fury, like a Lady vengeful. And if you don't stop glaring at me, you will find that what he does will be pure heaven.. compared to the Hell I will to send you to." The man could see, beneath that ice, she held such a darkness and malevolence that pierced so thoroughly he trembled before her. Never before had a woman terrified him- and she was glad to see she was the first. Satisfied, she turned her attention to her companion. 

    "Just a note, darling- he has a fear of drowning, hates the sight of blood and if you weren't here right now... Oh yes, and if it was just you two, he'd be biding his time and keeping his body tense, a trick many people do to escape their bonds. Make him relax, and make sure they're tight." Satisfied, the Lady sat back once more, and took a sip of the blood in her glass. Her eyes never left their victim, but she smiled once more.

    It was clear beyond the pain, the man was terrified, his eyes locked on both what the Hatter was doing, and to the icy stare the woman gave. There was something so off, so unnatural about them both- that tiger didn't help either. Trying to keep from the pain, even after that Hatted fuck had removed every one of his fingernails, he was glaring at the woman, that bitch... just...fuckin' watching like it was a show, like she was enjoying herself. Even while he glowered, her words... when she finally spoke, froze the blood in his veins. 

    "You should be so lucky. If I deigned to get my hands on you, it'd be much worse. For hell hath no fury, like a female vengeful. And if you don't stop glaring at me, you will find that what he does will be pure heaven.. compared to the Hell I'd send you to." Turning from Vendetta, back to the man, the Hatter grinned from ear to ear, "-Isn't she a peach? Now THAT is a real woman. Christ, I'd worship the ground she walks on... anything for her. We have this thing... I've never been lucky, and then she comes walking into my life. I've never felt more alive! She brings this out of me, turns my chaos into art..." 

    While that sicko yammered on, he looked past the man, toward a paper... A black and white printed paper taped onto the wall, wrinkled as if it had seen too many pockets. But what mattered was the reward for capture, a hotline number for America's Most Wanted, and that man's face, the printed words: Jervis James Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter... 

    "--Hold still," he barked, suddenly straddling his lap, while he reached for another instrument, pincers... and.. what was that... oh dear god... 

    "-Please no," the man wailed, gory stubs where nails had once been wiggling to try and free the bonds around his wrists. 

    "-Hush, hush; keep bickering and you'll make me snip something vital..." As far as the man was concerned, ALL of it was vital. Clipping the pincers along his left ear, a quick and simple swipe and he would suddenly feel red hot pain, doubled by the gush of warmth as blood gushed down the side of his neck, poisoning the air with iron. "-Hee..." wiggling his ear in front of him. 

    "-Fuck you, you fuckin' skinny faggot fuck!! When I get the fuck out of this, I'll beat your fuckin' face in, and then I'll wipe the look off that bitches' fucking face!! When I'm done that, I'll-" 

    "-That's quite enough out of you." Hatter glared, stuffing the man's sweaty sock into his mouth to keep him silent, "-Sting me with words prick, but dare not drag my darling Lady into this... THAT..." he hissed, reaching for the White Queen and slammed her point down hard into the arm of the chair, narrowly missing his appendage "-will NOT be tolerated." 

    Vendetta took another casual sip. She eyed the victim they held, amused eternal at the show before her. Icy blood worked her way through her system, and she smiled- colder than ever. Internally delighted, Vendetta realized even as it glowered, it was rightly afraid. Good. Served it right. Leaning back, she listened to Hatter's wonderful words. "-Isn't she a peach? Now THAT is a real woman. Christ, I'd worship the ground she walks on...anything for her."

    Smoother than silk, Vendetta composed a reply in the darkness- one only the Hatter could hear. "Really... When we get time alone, I'm going to make you prove it." She smirked, and it could feel it- then Hatter went on. "We have this thing... I've never been so lucky, and then she comes walking into my life...I've never felt more alive! She brings this out of me, turns my chaos into art..." Such a sweetheart, he was- every bit charming, too. As if on cue, Vendetta moved her hand gently- and delighted in the scream that emanated, as it felt trapped in an illusion of ice shards piercing most every part of its skin, dissolving to acidic cruelty. This wound up amplified, as the victim's toenails wound up ripped off simultaneously. Delicious- and of course, Hatter wouldn't know what was going on. Even better.

   "My dearest, I do have some advice for you. Take it slow- I've found something... rather delightful out. Our friend here is rather vengeful, and thinks he'll leave us yet. You may wish to draw it out. If you knew what it wanted to do to me, and yourself, you would not be pleased at all." Vendetta smirked, watching the man blanch before her. How the fuck did she know?  Beneath that sock of his, he began to protest once more. It gave Vendetta a headache.

    It was after another moment however, he would have thought of another funny... removing that sock and taking those pincers, he suddenly snatched that wiggling writhing tongue, "-Like a maggot..." then sliced through the meat, feeling blood spray up onto his chest and neck. Launching the organ behind him, it bounced in front of Chesh, and the Hatter couldn't help but smile, twisted, depraved, at his own little joke.

    "-There now ol' boy, Cat's got your tongue," Howling with laughter at his own sick joke, the madman swung his leg off, and rose onto his feet. While that chubby fuck started to whimper and cry, snot slipping down from his nose into his gory red mouth, he'd hear the Lady speak- this time offering insightful advice, that sinister smile fitting his face. 

    "-Oh, what would I do without you?" he cooed, moving in, lowering his head and kissing her deeply, careful to keep from getting any of the blood on her pretty face or gown "-Then that's how we'll kill him when we're done... some slow Chinese water torture perhaps?" he suggested, grey eyes flitting towards the pudgy man... watching as his face lit up in horror "-As for what he'd do? Oh ho, don't worry- we won't allow that to happen... anyone dares to lay a finger on anything I love, will face my wrath... now... shall we move on?" This time moving towards a place beside the wall, a bucket large enough to stick a head in, and began to fill it with water... what a nightmare, the Hatter was content... 

   The idea whispered to him, and him alone, was an alarming one- he couldn’t help but smirk. They were words- while he meant them, he was assured his ego wouldn’t be pleased with servitude of any sort. He'd never allow himself to be subservient- even to a creature as magnificent as she. It was wise she keep that thought silent. The beast, now nearly drowning in the blood-laden water, would get a sick hard-on over the thought of what they would share in the future. Lashing him upward, as he gasped for air, no sooner would he begin screaming once more. This time not by his own doing, the Hatter glanced back at the Lady, to his victim, and back at her.

    She caught where his glance went- and followed it. Jervis was rather known to law enforcement. This made Vendetta unhappy- an issue to be dealt with later. Hatter straddled the victim- internally, she bit her lip. If the person in its place was someone else, Vendetta would have found it sexy. She smirked, sipping once more as the victim's tongue came out. Excellent- Vendetta always liked mutilation. Vendetta quietly sighed. So unoriginal. It was one thing to insult her, she'd heard worse from better people. However, insulting her beloved was something she refused to allow. Once again, Hatter interrupted- and once more, he came to her defense. So gallant- such a gentleman.

    Vendetta smiled at that a moment, then once he had his laugh, mock-pouted. "Aww. Now how am I supposed to get some pleasure out of this? You took away its tongue- the only good part. Shame." The smirk in her words, however, told the twisted Hatter she was merely teasing. He came over to her, and kissed her deep- he could taste its blood, and got a sense of the diseases. Nothing incurable. "-Oh, what would I do without you?" 

    "I know not, darling." Hatter moved away once more. She continued. "Of course we can. But, you're covered in disgusting venereal diseases- I would know, I ingested them." A momentary smirk, just as quickly wiped out. "Good thing I'm immune. Now, darling... I should take over- while you clean up? Even if I don't get sick, you will." 

    ”-Oh how clever, I suppose its good you waited until I drew him back up. It would be a shame to allow him to drown so easily in the game… at least yet.” As he continued, more grimness would have passed, making a mess of the world around him, of the man that settled before him, gasping for the release that so far had not yet come "Aww. Now how am I supposed to get some pleasure out of this? You took away its tongue- the only good part. Shame." It took him a moment to discover she had been joking… an infinitely small moment. 

    ‘Oh what would I do without you?’ he had asked, "I know not, darling." and he’d smile at this. Snatching the Queen from her perch on the chair arm, cleaning the hilt to ward off gore, he slipped it into the sheath behind his back. First a suggestion of Chinese Water torture, followed by her suggestion that she take over while he washed up. This Lady proved to be easily able to handle his sadistic delights.

    Vendetta watched, listening on the Hatter's thoughts. Not even her? That's what the Lady thought. It wouldn't be for lack of effort, however. She tipped her head slightly, politely listening as he spoke. Had he flipped to Jervis? Vendetta couldn't tell. She didn't believe so. Idly, she tossed over a vial of blue liquid. "Pour that in the water- get anything you've exposed its blood to. That means the clothes, the Queens, the sheath."

    ”-Very true, very well…” Turning his attentions towards the chubby man he gently clapped his hand against his cheek and smiled ”—Now, play time for me is over… the Lady will take over, show her some respect, yes? Or I’ll cut your nose off…” Another wicked smirk, and he’d head towards the sink, beginning to fill a basin, considering a shower (considering the locale, it was out of the question) remaining within sight and earshot.

    ’It’s blood’ He found that funny, referring to the man as if an object; and certainly true… It was quite fitting, considering he was an insult to the Hatters gender. Handing him the vial in passing he would nod, ”—Then I’m off to rinse with my girls…” he joked, snatching the blade from its perch, moving towards the back room to wash up. 

    Stripping all non-essentials, he was content he had decided to remove his lovely coat, poured the liquid in and began to cleanse himself of anything that found its way on him. Washing himself and anything that might have come in contact with the oafish man, humming while he was continuously being tortured to death. And while he didn’t watch completely, he’d peek around the corner, especially watching when she released him from his bonds. He knew she wouldn’t need his help- after all, she was a powerful vampire facing off against a drunken lout, there was no competition- but still, it seemed the chivalrous thing.

    Vendetta turned to their victim- bleeding profusely, incapacitated. She stopped the bleeding- no need for things to end. Settling before it, she smiled gently- and it spat blood all over her. Some of it she ingested- she made a noise of disgust. Venereal diseases lacked appeal to the palette- especially one attuned to sanguine. Reflexively, she delivered a slap- nails releasing virulent toxins, making it thrash. She poured the bucket out, liquid converted to an acid that seeped into all those cuts. Striding over, she re-filled the bucket, strode back and set it down. With a well-placed foot, she set into a pattern like Hatter before her, until it was nearly dead.

    Fixing it with a small adrenaline shot, Vendetta untied him. She could feel the spike in Hatter's adrenaline- what was she thinking?! It lunged- but the darkness bent, suspending it from the ceiling, vulnerable. The look on her face told Hatter not to dare come closer. Even if he hadn't seen her expression, the way the darkness gathered about her gave him pause. "I warned you- Hell hath no fury like a Lady vengeful. And trust me- I told you what he's done will be Heaven compared to the Hell I send you to. And now I'm going to prove it."

    Vendetta looked deep into its eyes- and set something forth. A serpent, to be exact. Vendetta dug deep into the subconscious- and found a gem, a childhood fear unbeknownst even to him, of serpentines. Now she weaved it, twisting it to follow her will. The fear it gave off was off the charts- Hatter set him on the edge of the Abyss, but Vendetta pushed it over. Forever. And the final soundless scream permitted, was one- to its eyes, at least- caused by the ice serpent wrapping itself around, biting down. With one final twist of her hand, it squeezed- the resulting blood everywhere. 

    The Lady stood upright, breathing a little hard- even in the violet-washed twilight of Wonderland, Hatter could see Vendetta's anger- only a small fraction, but even that was enough to make him tread cautiously. After a minute of unending silence, she settled once more- her eyes reverting back to blood red, from an obsidian black. She turned to him, speaking in soft tones. 

    "I'm sorry. But when I looked, and saw what was to be done to me- to you... I fulfiled my promise. The last thing it saw... will carry for eternities. But it was worth it. Here, I'll clean up." Vendetta's eyes held anxiety. Poor darling- she was worried he'd disapprove! She sighed, and with another twist of the hands, gathered all the blood together to be rid of it. Simultaneously, the water Hatter used twisted out of its basin, washing the place down. Soon, they were both clean- and it was like before they had left it in the first place. 

    Before long he would have cleaned himself up, trashing his undershirt,  reaching for a spotless one cleverly tucked away in one of the hidden compartments for occasions such as these. Yanking on his pants over his thin legs, pairing it finally with the vest and jacket combo… the Hat never once leaving his head for longer than the time it took to slip his head through the top of his tunic. When he dressed, he studied her- anything he had wanted to say or do died away. She radiated a cold, potent authority- better to let her calm before approaching. Which she did, and she gave off the appearance of one having been chastened for doing a naughty thing.

    "I'm sorry. But when I looked, and saw what was to be done to me- to you... I fulfiled my promise. The last thing it saw... will carry for eternities. But it was worth it. Here, I'll clean up." she uttered in an apologetic tone, the Hatter merely shaking his head with a smirk while he towel dried his dark red hair, once again replacing his Hat, ”—Are you kidding me? I was tickled when you decided to get involved in his demise, not many fancy a good torture session…” he adding with a small splay of humor. Almost instantly when it was all done, and more so when the Hatter noticed the tear, the madman reverted- and once again Jervis was back, appearing as if he had little knowledge on what had occurred; a Jekyll and Hyde experience. 

    ”—Vendetta, are you alright? I do hope it wasn’t anything I said?” without evidence of blood or a body, he would have never known… still he would near her, ”—Please have a seat, would you care for some tea?”

Part XX: Brutal Aftermaths and Bittersweet Farewells

Twisted Wonderland, Part XVIII: Blood Lust Is Slaked

    He heard of the aforementioned group. In some parts he enjoyed them, though his music tastes took a slightly darker, more crazed route. ”-The first metal band I ever listened to, though I don’t see you as the whore… quite the opposite really.” She appeared a Lady; anything so negative didnt seem proper. 

    Even as she explained the musical end, he couldn’t help but hide the small glimmer of jealousy; coming up short… he always would, second best. The Lady would always be more than he could ever be- even if she did grant him immortality, he would be younger always… He wasn’t too sure if he was keen on that idea, but… A talk for another time, perhaps. 

    How he missed the days of Wonderland, living in the estranged world and being something more then a man; being THE Mad Hatter, known and feared by all. Shifting from his former thoughts when she made mention of the man he had all but nearly forgotten, he listened as she explained her findings. ”-I don't like those who cheat. The venereal diseases he has confirm it. But worse for our friend here, I saw how he likes his ladies terrified, kneeling at his feet, begging... bruised and cut up. So, you tell me: what seems suitable?" 

    With disgust on his face, he hopped off his back, The end of his blade tilted the man's head up to look into his eyes, Hatter’s face grim. ”-The very type of men I despise… that, pedophiles, and assholes who harm pets… pathetic human worms…’what is suitable?’” He replied, mirroring her last statement, expression suddenly flashing wickedly cheerful, purely malicious. ”-Only the finest horror shows for this man, my dear Lady. I suggest we bring him along with us back to the Funhouse, and inflict the very same pains he has on all the women he’s hurt…” Was the Hatter proposing torture, oh yes! Delightfully, and even more so… the man would retain full consciousness.

    ”-We’ll tie this thing up, I’ll remove his Card- so he’ll be fully aware- and we’ll let him know what it means to be afraid…” Scarecrow would be proud of him… only this wasn’t for science, it was for pure revenge. "-Quick death is out of the question; as is feeding. He'd only be so lucky to have your pretty mouth against his disgusting hide. Your thoughts, my dear?"

    Vendetta picked up the words- and jealousy behind them. Later. She would sit down and tell him off soundly later. Seriously, mortals and their jealousy. She listened to him, though, noting the grim expression. Good- they were on the same page. Vendetta nodded assent to that. ”-Quick death is out of the question, as is feeding. He'd only be so lucky to have your pretty mouth against his disgusting hide. Your thoughts, my dear?"

    "Glad we're on the same page. I'm sure you can come up with some truly evil delights- just be careful. You don't want the filth this thing has passing on to you- or myself, of course." The words sounded strange, but Hatter would realize Vendetta passed as human to their 'friend'. To everyone, really. Vendetta was a stranger. Unknown. Faceless. She smirked, and with ease, got him to his feet. Without even trying, she had their victim bound tight, artistic yet functional. Anyone who saw him would think him inebriated, they helping him home. In reality, she had him in bondage- he couldn't speak or move freely. A glamour showed him to be dressed in a style that matched them- for the sake of convenience. The trio began walking back. 

    Jervis didn't think twice on the jealousy- it was there, and then once again over and done with just as quickly as it had come. Still, it seemed they shared the same sentiments towards such pathetic human scum. They made quite the excellent pair. She proved it, when she gave her response, sweet silken honey. "Glad to see we're on the same page. I'm sure you can come up with some truly evil delights- just be careful, you don't want the filth this thing has passing on to you- or myself, of course." "-Oh don't worry, I don't plan to..." 'allow that to happen' he would have said, knowing once more Jervis and Hatter would be in perfect agreement on what to do with this... trash. Beyond his own bonds, Vendetta carried her own- suggesting the illusion they were both good people helping their 'friend'.

    "Now, darling, let's get our friend back. He doesn't look well, not at all."

Part XIX: Showtime At the House Of Hatter

Twisted Wonderland, Part XVII: Date With the Red Queen

    She idly sipped her tea- and poured another, just before he spoke. "-Finish your tea Darling, there's work to be done, the Queens are thirsty for something more than Earl Grey..." A flash of annoyance hit her features. It sounded like he was trying to tell her what to do. Vendetta was torn between rebuking him, playing with him, or something altogether more... violent. She chose the least messy option- and let it sit to cool. 

    Taking another tart in hand, the implication was clear: I'm not going to do what you tell me. I'll finish in my own time; nothing you do will change that. Vendetta did wish to join, so she made little work of it. As she moved to rise, her hand fluidly wrapped around- and slid away- the Red Queen from his. She doubted he noticed- Vendetta twisted herself, keeping the motion well concealed. Now, she studied it intently. 

    Coral, but it had seen blood. A red rose. The look on her face strange- she whispered, in a melodic tone "Red roses for the Devil's whore..." It reminded her of a song she listened to, as inclined. Casually, like she hadn't artfully stolen it, she held it handle-first to him. "I suppose we'd better not disappoint."

    He had been joking; he was well aware of her status, and assumed with it came a certain degree of powers. Just as with her, there was more then met the eye with Hatter. After all, what fun would it be to show all one's cards in the first sitting?  Considering she knew how to play the game, he was certain there were things he had yet to see. All of that was for a different place and time. In fact, he wasn't even completely sure if Jervis could handle the truth. 

    Still, he would wave it away "-Ah, to be powerful and supreme... One thing alas this shell doesn't offer..." Calmly rubbing the chill from his hands, he leaned back, in sighting his orders- well, suggestion- for which it seemed the Lady had taken harshly. Hatter shook his head melodramatically, always kicking and screaming his cock of the walk king of the hill attitude, "-You don't have to come, I simply have... a need that needs taking care of, and I can't expend it on you." It wasn't something he longed to 'share' with Alice. People had a tendency to not come back from what he yearned to do.

    Rising from his seat, he thought little on the fact that she chose admire one of the Queens. He was, however, mildly surprised- he didn't even feel her remove it from his hand. While White was always lovely, with its pink hue along the 'blade', Red was most always coveted- the ever-sliding gradient, as if it had drunk its fill. And when she surrendered it, he'd sheath it for the time being. Both of them waiting in their proper places, monsters hiding in shadows. "-Rest assured this wont be the last time we venture here" he proclaimed.

    They wouldn't venture far off the beaten path, though far enough away from his beloved amusement park. After all, you never shit where you sleep, as the saying went.
"-Before I begin, will you be taking part?" It seemed strange- 'Will you wish to murder someone?' He asked just as simply as if he was imparting about the weather. These things he needed to know, and while he could very well take on two adversaries at once, he had his preferences... 

    'The cards or the knives?' Indecision pricked his ego. Gently he offered the Lady a clean arm politely- before he'd be elbow deep in blood. Up ahead two gentleman- mid twenties- sang, inebriated, a song the Hatter recalled in his youth, 'What do you do with a Drunken Sailor?' Fucking hell. A homeless man slept soundly down the road- drunk on Malt Liquor, no need there. He'd trail the young men, annoyed by their song, longing to do away with them quickly.

    Vendetta softened, eying him gently. The game... Did she ever know the game. she smirked at his intricate word choice. "-You don't have to come, I simply have... a need that needs taking care of, and I can't expend it on you."  " I'm going to anyways- like this encounter would be so fleeting." 

    Fluidly, the Lady rose- she so complete as one with the darkness, she rather effectively turned invisible. She noticed the words eluded him- perhaps for the best. Vendetta rather felt like Hatter wouldn't like the lyrics she posed. She'd been lost in thought, as Jervis' words cut through once more. "-Rest assured this wont be the last time we venture here..."  "Right you are again, my dear. Especially if I have anything to say about it. Which I always do."

    Vendetta clung to the dark. She melted in nicely, only giving the barest hint she was there to him, none to anyone else. "-Before I begin, will you be taking part at all?" "Likely. I tend to be picky at times, however." She refuted the elbow as soon as it came, and simply muttered "The cards. The knives are best left for more worthy adversaries." 

    Vendetta, still melted in the dark, followed. She could see Hatter tense; a soothing hand down his spine involuntarily made him relax. "For all intents, you're alone. A gent going for a walk along rambunctious streets. I'm going to stay hidden out for a bit, until I decide what I'm doing." 

    She would have chosen to follow him all the way? Interesting. While he was terribly assured all would occur perfectly, that he believed his work wasn't corrupted- the bugs worked out- there was always that chance of an unfortunate accident. But he’d take care… he enjoyed her company far too much, for such ill tidings to come to pass. 

    ”-That song you quoted… what was the name?” eyes held firmly on the prey ahead, and when she’d give it to him, he’d nod. So that's what it was? With a small chuckle, Hatter shook his ink-dark haired head, and wet his thin lips, ”—I imagine we have curious tastes alike in the musical front, at least… I could imagine that would be the case… music, one of the few things I take utter delight in. I could never be a Musician however, I have the creativity for it, but not the patience to learn…” 

    Vendetta glided along, more invisible than he. Her glance drew sidewise when his words pierced the night. ”-That song you quoted… what was the name?” "A Gothic Romance by Cradle Of Filth. Also called Red Roses For The Devil's Whore. Seems too fitting at times." She watched the nod, and wondered- did he agree? No. She pushed the thought aside. His words cut the night once more, which brought her back to the moment once again.  

    When she surrendered her thoughts on the matter in regards to knives or cards, he smiled. ”-Both then” He had been itching to use them anyhow. A demonstration, perhaps- on the proper hosts of course. "For all intents, you're alone. A gent going for a walk along rambunctious streets. I'm going to stay hidden out for a bit, until i decide what I'm doing."  ”-Fair enough.”

    Folding his slender (almost unnaturally long) digits around the hilt of the Red Queen, before plunging it into the first. A pale sliver would tuck right under the man’s hat, locking him, a bodily vice with no parts. Momentarily with one lab rat in his grasp, the next was expendable. The Queen plunged in his middle, slicing up- torso to ribbons, spray misting his face with warmth. Pure bliss and arousal, washing over the hatted male as the man’s scream froze in his throat, eyes glassy as they stared at nothing, his friend hardly batting a lash. Mere seconds trapised the events previous- yet time strecthed eternal, in those seconds.

    ”-Thank you. I feel better now” he admitted, kicking the gentleman- allowing his body to topple off the pier into the water, where it would be swept out to the ocean. ”-Kneel in the Child’s pose while I figure out what to do” Without a word, he would obey; kneeling slightly, head to the ground, back hunched while Jervis took a seat, perching on his back, using the man as a chair. "-Now what do you suppose we ought to do with our friend here?" He asked the darkness; more specifically the being residing within...

    Vendetta saw Hatter lash out, silent, panther-like. The blood had sprayed minimally so, mostly into the water. Good- he had some experience then. ”-Thank you. I feel better now…” The Lady deigned not to reply. She smiled, devoid of any previous warmth- again, not like he could see. The easy manner in which the living obeyed, and he seated himself upon the figure, confirmed some type of mind control. She freeze where she stood, grateful he could not see. She was going to have to be careful around him, for sure. 

    He spoke once more, unaware of how she froze, tensed up in the darkness. A darkness which seemed stronger, deeper, more absolute... And certainly more deadly and terrifying. "-Now what do you suppose we ought to do with our friend here?" Vendetta took a cursory glance within. Far too intoxicated- she didn't want him. He had unpleasant veneral diseases, besides. A plunge into his mind told her more than all she required to know.

    Presently the Lady stepped out, and the manner in which she did so gave even Hatter pause. Her normally dancing eyes were shards of blood-red ice. Between the all-black attire and icy demeanor, he could tell he glimpsed another side of her. When she spoke, it was low, even- cold enough to make even him realize he should be careful.

    "That remains to be seen, my dear. However, I took a... closer look. He's crossed lines of mine- I don't like those who cheat- the venereal diseases confirm it. Worse for our friend here, I saw how he likes ladies terrified, kneeling, begging... covered in bruises and cuts. So, you tell me: what seems suitable?" As she spoke, she moved closer, barely making any noise in the night. Her foot came upon his back, with enough force to hairline fracture a couple vertebrae. She looked over, unforgiving- clearly, the Hatter had a lot of digging to do. For now, however... They had something to deal with.

Part XVIII: Blood Lust Is Slaked

Twisted Wonderland, Part XVI: Enter The Mad Hatter

    Vendetta felt them lock lips once more, icefire in her veins becoming alight once more. She looked at him, moderately amused by his first words. "-That's exactly what I thought, I don't get many interested in me. Perhaps I really am too eccentric for most tastes- and if that doesn't give them cause to run, my admittance that I cannot love like a typical individual." 

    "I'm not most people, darling. I believe we've established this. After a few centuries... I've really seen and done it all. Sharing interests with someone else isn't unusual, it's polyamory. And sometimes, it's best." She smiled, and sipped her own tea. When he spoke once more, her gaze was drawn to him. "-You are not my second Vendetta, you are equal... As you say, light and darkness. I have needs for both sides... Something exists within me, a second... soul, you could say I call him the 'Other'. Sometimes he's the voice of reason, but only so things work in his favor in the long run. He has a hidden agenda I know little about. I've never met someone so understanding of what am, of what I suffer... I wish this need didn't need to be fulfilled, but... Thank you. I'm glad you understand, I couldn't... allow you to leave..." 

    Vendetta nodded wisely, knowing the sentiment too well. She tightened her grip on his hand. "Sounds fun. Introduce me sometime- you need to show me around someday too." She giggled; all was right with the world. For the moment, at least. She was accepting of everything he was, all his odd wants and desires. A figment, a problem of his past; as a child he lost so much- memories, childhood, health, happiness, a family that cared, more and more. Then allowing him to fall so easily in love with Wonderland, allowing him a chance to lose himself in the horrors of what the world offered. 

    A solution had come; light and dark, individual fires longing to be stoked, yearning to never go out, both needy. Together they would nourish and feed the other- his dark half to feed her own dark soul, and his light to Alice. She wanted to explore, to experience what it held. Perhaps the souls living within it. Perhaps he could set her up with meeting some of his friends, if she was interested in such a thing. 'Be careful what you wish for' The saying would go; mostly humor, but there it was anyways, cat out of the bag.

    Vendetta smirked. She let her lips brush his neck- just to send a dark shiver down his spine. "I know exactly what I'm wishing for, darling. You show me yours- I'll show you mine." The laughter was dark, low... melodic. She helped herself to a little treat on the table, and smirked. Gods, she was absolutely ravishing. She brushed the delicate, warm neck of his skin with her dark lips- moaned gently at the scent and feel of blood thudding through his form.. Vendetta decided to behave finally, settling back to enjoy Wonderland.

    Dangerous, she was playing with fire... When her lips pressed his neck, it gave rise- in more places then one- forcing him to swallow hard, lips and throat dry, he couldn't hang on. A split; very suddenly something else seemed to surface, that 'Other' he spoke of. Taking the place of the former gent, as a reaction to the ladies' darkness, getting exactly what the doctor ordered. 

    "-Good Gods..." the voice came, relaxing, as if he'd just experienced the best ride of his life, voice dipping into a purr as he loosened his cravat. Thin pale lips twisting into a devious, almost famished smile, wicked, when those dark grey eyes fell upon her. "-I'm content him and I finally agree on something. He'd be a damn fool to throw you away." Speaking as if he felt her kiss, her touch... 

    Overall, Jervis was the same man as before, but differed slightly in tone of voice, and in the manner in which he carried himself. Confident, predatory- a dark Casanova, opposed to the eccentric nervousness that seemed to fill his former counterpart. Balancing in the chair as he tipped back, weight perfectly sustained on two legs "-You, my darling Vendetta, are a masterpiece. A work of art. How on Earth did he manage to persuade you?" He questioned, snapping his fingers. Cheshire finally emerged from the shadows- at beck and call, sitting herself beside him, allowing the Hatter to stroke the top her head. 

    "-Even more, to be so open to our- shall we say, circumstance?" Clicking his tongue, sipping from the tea she poured for 'them' , he continued- demeanor never changing from that silken predator he seemed to be. "-I'm loathe to admit I need Jervis, as much as he needs me. I give him strength, ruthlessness, charm, confidence... He gives me love, compassion, manners... That being the case, we harbor different interests." He stated, casually dusting a bit of plaster molding off the sleeve of his coat "-He pursues his paramour, and me... I pursue mine... but we are both one in the same, do you understand?" 

    Vendetta noticed the change. She noticed his reactions to her sensuous, sinful lips on his delicate neck- but took the ladylike route, pointedly keeping her thoughts to herself. "-Good Gods... I'm content him and I finally agree on something. He'd be a damn fool to throw you away." Vendetta smiled, a sinfully delicious smile of shadows. Those dark lips, so perfect, even in this light... They spoke many volumes. But it was her eyes; those vividly dark eyes, that watched him recline. Definitely he'd changed, and the next words proved it.  

    "-You, my darling Vendetta, are a masterpiece. A work of art. How on Earth did he manage to persuade you? And even more, to be so open to our... shall we say, circumstance?" Vendetta's own voice was a soft purr, amber and poison mixed into silky softness. "When you've been around long as I, you realize certain things. Such as pointlessness of jealousy. It's not my first time sharing- I've loved many at once; why can't anyone else? Of course I understand; I may understand better than you." 

    A smirk passed those wickedly sweet lips of hers, the metallic-yet-sweet tang of blood tea reaching to her companion. She eyed him- deadly lust. That's all one could think, of the sensuous shadowy woman: deadly lust. Then again, the deadliness made lust that much more worthwhile in the end... Vendetta smiled, letting her new companion carry on. 

    This other self was everything good and bad within. This version was like playing with fire. Where the other 'Jervis' lacked drive, and finesse for his wicked desires, 'Hatter' or 'Tetch' as he liked to call himself, focused the intensity of the dark; making them more acute, more deadly, and never sloppy. Despite all his cunning and strengths, he suffered his own fallbacks; this was where Jervis would come in. 

    Speaking after he'd spoke, the Madman listened, eyes glittering softly like an Asp's "When you've been around as long as I, you realize certain things. Such as pointlessness of jealousy." Nodding to her words, he sipped at his tea, while she continued on "--It's not my first time sharing-I've loved many at once; why can't anyone else?" "-Exactly," he purred, thin lips pulling tight across a mouth filled with what appeared to be too many teeth "-Of course I understand; very well, I may understand better than you." 

    "-Ah, the patience of an immortal, the beauty of Aphrodite and Lilith rolled into one; is there anything you can't do?" He may have said saint, but somehow didn't think that applied. After all, Saints were a terrible bore- she was anything but. Reaching for a biscotti, he snapped the delicate cookie in half, breaking bone... Munching delicately, pausing only to speak when his mouth was clear.

    "-I'm not entirely sure how it works. All I know is that Jervis and I have lived in some manner of symbiosis. He needs me, I need him... There are rare moments when I come to pay a visit, when we are aroused." He admitted, without a shred of shame or modesty, thick black lashes drooping to rest over slate grey eyes. "-And when he's plotting to murder someone. You see, he's ashamed of killing; I imagine its a defensive mechanism, allowing me to take over... Blaming me for what he must do." Perhaps there really wasn't a second being within. Perhaps Jervis really was insane; perhaps he used his 'other' as a security blanket. Perhaps not; maybe it really was that way.

    "Does it matter, in the long run? Mortals always want to know why- the sooner they learn to accept things as they are, the better. Some just aren't worth questioning." Vendetta sipped her blood, scene one of absolute chaos and insanity- a place she felt right at home in. Without warning, a twisted smirk played across those luscious lips of hers. She eyed him, grinning. "Shame; now you have to kill me- I know your little secret. I promise I won't make it too hard on you." She made a joked. She knew his secret now. With another sip, Vendetta tried not to laugh, but the smile on her lips gave her away.

    "Does it matter, in the long run? Mortals always want to know why- the sooner they learn to accept things as they are, the better. Some just aren't worth questioning." Curious way of thinking, it wasn't often he had heard such words spoken- and from a Lady no less! He was tickled. 'Good show, Jervis' he cooed quietly to himself. Fussing about the table, dipping from his thoughts- as if continuously breaking free from a prison that could only open and close with his word. The key had once again been found when she spoke once more, tone casual and sensuous as ever, mingled with sarcastic tones

    "-Shame; now you have to kill me- I know your little secret. I promise I won't make it too hard on you." "-Hard? Heavens, Dearest. Don't you know that's what makes the game fun? Do put up a struggle... It's so much more enjoyable" He replied, a shred of humor locked into his devious tone, instantly reminding someone of Jack the Ripper. Suave, gentlemanly- a complete monster. She was everything he wanted, and more. Best of all, she wasn't greedy; she didn't mind Jervis had a love to pour his half of the heart over. All was going well, according to plan. 

    Vendetta merely grinned. "If I tried- the game is fun and all, but if we ever did... You'd last longer than many, true; but in the end, I would be the victor." She wasn't bragging. Vendetta stated truth: She was inhuman. There was a lot he hadn't seen of her yet... It was best that way.

    For a time he seemed lost, captured perhaps by her beauty, or something else? Smirking, Hatter's eyes glittered wickedly- lost in some manner of distant thoughts, gaze set upon her... 'Famished' The predator with his prey; though he knew the Lady was anything but. More like a jet black Panther on the prowl. Perhaps 'closer' would be something he'd account for in the future. Right now 'that' was little more than distraction. Delightful, yes... nevertheless distraction, a thing he'd consider another time. For the time something else gave him drive, something a bit more bloody and intense... 

    Rocking back and forth once more in his chair, he finally settled forward. Slender hands reached from behind his waistcoat, brandishing from their sheaths, two cruel looking daggers. One pure white appearing to be fashioned from Ivory or bone. The second she familiar with. Both highly intricate, delicate designs crafted into the hilt. Dropping them along the top of the table, he grinned, that same lurid look appearing, proudly displaying his madness. "-Finish your tea Darling, there's work to be done. The Queens are thirsty for something more..." He hissed, sipping down the rest and sliding back from the table, offering a gloved hand out to her once she finished...

Part XVII: Date With the Red Queen